Memory Framing
One of a kind gifts

One of a Kind Gifts


Memory Framing has been most successful in the custom gift market. 

People love to surround themselves with the talismans of their lives- whether military medals, baby shoes, ticket stubs, vacation souvenirs, you-name-it.

Family members know what these things are. They should, they’ve spent years tripping over them and moving them around to find other things in the dresser!

Well, the next time you’re scratching your head over another birthday or Christmas gift for someone with everything, why not get a custom Memory Frame display made with their souvenirs?  They’ll never do it for themselves, but I promise a gift they’ll never forget!   



Tiger Stadium Tribute

Photos, ticket stubs, and piece of concrete from historic Tiger Stadium, now demolished.  

Dimensions 21X22 inches.


Bandsman's Instrument

Clarinet, handwritten sheet music, photos and CD Medal mounted on 'Ross' tartan.  

Large, 30X40 inch size.

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