Old Photographs

Memory Framing - Approach

Presentation Framing by Andrew MacGregor



Memory Framing reviews all the items and pictures that the client wants framed, then recommends a design for the display.


We are good listeners! We want to create a display that you will be proud of for many years to come. That means getting a good understanding of your priorities, and which items are most important to you. 


The subject materials dictate the final size of the display- there are no standard sizes. Memory Framing can cut and finish their own frames if unusual dimensions are needed.




 “The display is in a special   location in my home, and I have received many compliments from people seeing it for the first time.”

- RT, September 2009


 "Your recommendations on layout and which items to include or not were spot on."

- VD, April 2010


“Exceeds my expectations. You should be proud.” 

- WB, February 2011


"I liked the way Andrew discussed the actual layout and colour of the matting with me so that it would be exactly how we would like it."

-MP, November 2011


Digital scanning makes it easy and practical to copy, crop, or resize your old photgraphs for a display, as you can see with the motley collection on the left, which we used to create the detail on the right.  

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